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MAMAKA organization began as a place for families to gather and exchange information about cannabis and health. The title of the group is MAMAKA- mothers for cannabis (MAMAdes gia thn KAnnavi in Greek) as these are the people with whom I started this journey- sharing our concerns over the fragile health of our children. Epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, syndromes…the words that had become all too familiar to me over the last 17 years of my daughter’s life. MAMAKA is a very loving and tender word children use for their mothers in Greek- and I thought no word more appropriate to express the group of people that gave me the inspiration for the association.

MAMAKA has represented the concerns of Greek patients at numerous events both in Greece and abroad at gatherings held in places like Brussels, Strasbourg or Madrid. The demographics of the membership has changed since its conception almost two years ago, we are supported by family, friends and by the patients themselves- but we owe it all to those first mothers who refused to believe the ‘never’ that was the only answer the medical profession would give them up until now.

MAMAKA has just recently been legally recognized in Greece and 2018 promises to be a year of intense activity in our struggle to change legislation and social misconceptions both at home and abroad. One of our major goals is to strengthen relationships with organizations in other countries in an attempt to standardize availability for all patients and to share our experience and knowledge for the benefit of our loved ones.

Jacqueline Poitras
President and Founder of MAMAKA

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